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Datingforce com

As soon as she came up to the city and you saw her walking the streets, trying on different clothes ... Similarly to Bridget, Chris Cornell was somebody who I just thought, "This guy belongs in the movie." I loved Soundgarden – they were the greatest live show I'd seen.

There's that feeling of "I'm not alone in the world" that movies about a group of characters can give you.

When he says about his band "we're big in Belgium," it was an ironic joke at the time.

But then in more deep irony it became a worldwide event.

It was wondrous to learn to direct in a collaborative atmosphere with those guys who had come from Chicago theater – they had a real "let's mix it up, let's go! I'd seen Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing; I liked the size of his movies and how they were rooted in his experience, his community ... And I'd always loved [Woody Allen's] Manhattan so much. It was a chance to show what it's like when you have a city that you love, and a group of friends who have become your family.

There's a sense of family that disparate single people bring to each other, being in a city that they didn't want to leave.

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Released 25 years ago today, Singles captured a city and a group of artists on the brink of national stardom.

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  1. The episodes -- like those faced by other House Republicans and by recently confirmed Education Secretary Betsy De Vos -- appear similar to those staged by the Tea Party movement in 2009.