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The ventilated lens hood is the one I make and you can get in the Overgaard Gallery Store.

Ventilated lens shades I like ventilated lens shades for decoration and to protect the lens against bumps.

Engravings on lenses If you notice, the lens in the picture above has orange and white engravings (orange for feet scale on the focusing ring).

You can get the paint in the engravings changed or restored by Leica Camera AG.

So I had some made for my own lenses, and then of course people started asking how to get them.

That's how I started making ventilated lens shades for most Leica lenses. My Leica M with Leica 35mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4 FLE and the ventilated lens shade and Tie Her Up Rock'n'Roll strap.

Laser-engraved name and e-mail in the bottom plate of the Leica M240. Photo: Randy Walters who had this laser-engraved by a small laser engraving company in Rhode Island.Price is around 190 Euro and made for women and men, after measurements. Harrison) got marrried and the whole wedding and honeymoon had a clear Leica theme down to the two Noctilux rings. Only 8 "I've bought the new book - made a start reading it - it is really interesting.The ring was commissioned and made by jeweler Gaelen in British Columbia, Canada. I know it’s basic at the beginning but it isn't written in a patronizing way.It has been claimed that the color indicates if it is a brass lens, but that is not the case according to the lens designers I have spoken to.There has never been a system like that for Leica lenses.

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