Is robert deniro dating kim basinger

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KIM BASINGER: Well, my dad was a musician, and that was his first love, and I think probably, to be really honest, it was my first love as well. Did you perform in church choirs and that kind of stuff? My dad sang in the choir every Sunday, and I did as well. He played the trumpet and the piano all of his life. It’s so deep in them that they would play for free because they have to. They don’t trust that there will be success, and you can’t think like that. That has become my motto for years: trust the journey. We all have fears and insecurities and ups and downs. Ever since I was a tiny little girl, I loved music and I loved to make people laugh—or I loved watching my dad’s face when he and I would be in front of a television. MITCHELL: It sounds like all that creativity that your mother was putting into the house was touching you in some way, too. My dad worked very hard for the money he made, and my mom worked very hard to keep this household up and running and all the kids fed and everything. I mean, if you look at this generation of selfies and selfies and selfies, it seems a little bit scary.

It only goes to a higher place after you’ve gone to the depths where you think there’s a bottom—and when you find out that there is no bottom, it just rises up into this plume of euphoria. I don’t mean gratuitous, stupid stuff—I just mean in life in general. I would really be challenged with different levels of emotion, and I’d have to work with all those things and see where I was going to have to go to get them.MITCHELL: So what kind of stuff did you guys do in Athens? Was it this faith that you wanted to make this thing happen? With every project I’ve ever done, I’ve always treated it like I’m still in school. So Curtis would go, “Okay, Grace, can we lighten up on the feet? BASINGER: That was a very rough time with Adrian [Lyne, the director].BASINGER: It was just an on-going belief and faith that this is where I was supposed to go, where I was headed, because I to do this thing. She and I had a scene together, a short one, and it was near water. BASINGER: Which she was terrified of—and I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Each time you try to go a little further, get a little deeper, feel a little more, sculpt it a little better. ” Honestly, I was like a tomboy being dressed up in those gowns. But, anyway, those were fun parts to kind of prance around in for a minute. When that happened, he had seen, I don’t know how many girls, and I was told to come in and to do a scene with Mickey.It was really just an intuitive knowing, and you don’t back down from that. I WENT IN TO THE AUDITION FOR NOT KNOWING what I WAS GOING TO DO, AND I REMEMBER IT WAS JUST A weird, SEXUAL KIND OF SCENE, AND I WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL WHEN I LEFT. That piece between “action” and “cut” is very exciting for me. MITCHELL: But you’ve played so many of these women … So I went in to do that not knowing what I was going to do, and I remember it was just a weird, sexual kind of scene, and I was not happy at all when I left.I don’t care if fear is involved—and there had been a tremendous amount of fear at times. I said, ‘I COULD NEVER…’ I CRIED IN the CAR ON the WAY HOME. But your trials and tribulations, if they come when you’re young, you’re very lucky because then you learn. I got in my car and called my agent and said, “That was the worst experience.” It wasn’t anything to do with Mickey; it was just one of the scenes out of the movie.

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