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Click here to update or install a different browser. A Methodist church had been built here, but was shifted to Southbridge in 1875.The cemetery came under the control of the Malvern County Council in 1943Plan | Map In 1879, an agreement was signed with a Mr Griffiths for three acres adjoining the Church of England (Anglican) cemetery.The land was laid off in four blocks, one of these being reserved for Catholics. In 1916, the Hororata Cemetery Board requested that the Selwyn County Council take control of the cemetery.Some of the original records appear to have been lost, and it is known that there have been burials in the cemetery for which the Council has no record.Plan | Map When the cemetery was developed around 1874, it was used by Presbyterians - the area reserved being at the back of the cemetery.From the 1880s, when the Methodist section of the Ellesmere Cemetery was developed, the cemetery had little use.

In August 1950, the Ellesmere Cemetery Board decided to ask the Ellesmere County Council to take over the administration and upkeep of the cemetery.

Plan | Map This cemetery was originally held in trust by the Brookside Presbyterian Church for the Presbyterians of Brookside.

The first burial was in 1879, the same year that tree planting took place.

followed by a reception, for which an RSVP is appreciated at 333-5050. Alaskan communities and businesses provided great sums of money along with the Methodist Church to kick-start the educational institution that continues today on a track to become a Tribal University connected with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

Alaska Pacific University is rooted in the Methodist Tradition.

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After a request in 1949, the Ellesmere County Council took over control of the cemetery, and this was formalised in the early 1950s.