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When you put in good effort, you’re sure to see results.Funny marriage advice quotes Life needn’t be serious all the time, and marriage certainly doesn’t! No one likes it rubbed in their face when they’re wrong.These funny marriage advice quotes are bound to relate to you on some point, and make you smile at the same time. So if you’re right, just accept it graciously and leave it at that. Couples often forget that the two of them are from different backgrounds with different tastes and opinions. Many men just tune out when their wives are speaking to them, and this leaves the wives feeling ignored.And yes, take the initiative and admit you’re wrong when you are! Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you have to agree on every single thing or that you have the right to criticize the other person’s choices. So put away that gadget you have in your hand and listen!A small matter just keeps escalating because no one’s ready to give in.This quote beautifully describes that you always need to keep the relationship first and not look at it as losing to another person. “All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love.CNY Auto Auction offers a wide variety of vehicles every week.

However, when we get advice in the form of marriage advice quotes by famous people, we tend to sit up and take notice.This quote says that you’re always aware that you and your spouse are connected by an invisible rubber band, and that no matter how far you stretch, you’ll still bounce back to each other!Ego is one of the main reasons of many fights in a marriage. In honor of Valentine’s Day next month, we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite love quotes and turned FIVE of them into art for your home.We hope these frame-able words inspire a desire to nurture your marital bond.

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