Scripture dating while separated 7 tips for dating older women

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Scripture dating while separated

But there is not a conflict because, obviously, they are two separate and distinct events.

At the Rapture of the Church, great personal and physical change takes place for the believer.

Paul calls the Rapture of the Church the “day of Christ”. The day of Christ is to be looked forward to, the Day of the Lord to be feared.

If you are someone who believes the Bible, then I could stop this article right here as I have established my case well beyond the shadow of doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

In Titus , talking about the Rapture, Paul calls it “the Blessed Hope”, a day of great comfort and joy.

But in Amos , talking about the Day of the Lord, which is in fact the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, God tells us that it is a day of “great woe”, and greatly to be feared!

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