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These dog bones were smaller than wolves’ and the right size for pulling a sled without overheating—Pitulko has already found evidence of wooden sleds on the island.But one of Pitulko’s samples was larger, and, based on skull shape, appeared to be a wolf-dog hybrid.This animal seems similar to today’s Alaskan malamutes; Pitulko posits this breed, which is large and not ideal for sledding, was likely bred for something special, perhaps hunting polar bears in winter which is something humans were known to do.Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly what the dog bones signify, but other archaeologists believe Pitulko is onto something big, possibly explaining a mystery of dog domestication. We all know humans have long bred canines into all sizes and shapes to do our bidding—even if that’s just sitting in a queen’s sleeve or a celebrity’s purse.But we didn’t know for how long we’d been doing it.But health experts told the Siberian Times this was a warning sign that there could be worse to come.

Petersburg, has been excavating bones on Zhokhov Island in Siberia since 1989.Previously, researchers believed that canine breeding began 7,000 years ago with herding dogs in the Near East.New discoveries, published this May in the Journal of Archaeology, suggest the first work dogs were actually designed in Siberia at least 9,000 years ago, based on fossil carbon dating and the shape of the bones.The Scythians were nomadic herdsmen who, originating in southern Siberia, flourished between 800 and 200 BC, eventually controlling the entire strip of wind-blown steppe-land that stretches from northern China to the Black Sea.You probably think of the Persian empire as the greatest of that period, but the vast corridor controlled by the Scythians is of comparable extent.…

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There was a town where up to 40 per cent of the population died.