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Vancouver speed dating events

Though I had contemplated and completely vetoed the concept a for many years, hence the bit about me not really dating, I soon typed the words: “Hey, want to try something completely crazy and sign up for speed dating? Within 20-minutes, I found four different organizations that offer speed dating in Toronto.Ten-minutes later, Christine and I signed up via, a speed dating company that hosts events in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

Though the entrepreneur and lifestyle brand owner says she spent most of her 20s feeling “a bit guilty” for consuming cannabis in her youth, she’s chosen to fully embrace its medicinal and therapeutic characteristics, opting to use it in place of over-the-counter painkillers and other treatments for pain, muscle recovery, and more.“I personally became really passionate about seeing consumer education in our society when I rediscovered cannabis as an adult,” the self-taught specialist told the ’s cannabis section.)Her latest undertaking, the Elevate Experience, is an interactive event that will bring experts and entrepreneurs to Vancouver for an evening of herb-centred enlightenment.Should our selections also have said, “Yes,” to us, we were to be connected to this person via e-mail.Needless to say, that “No” column was very intimidating.” For two weeks leading up to the speed dating event, we remained in shock.Fast-forward to the night of the event, and after many phone calls on what to wear and what questions to ask, Christine and I met up at Union Station feeling both excited and nervous.

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Can anyone sign up for the online speed dating Meet N Greet events? The Meet N Greet events are open to the public although VSSEAC members receive priority scheduling. We do not post members photos on-site (unless we have express permission to do so). VSSEAC memberships always start on the 1st of the following month (eg.

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