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A spokesperson for Bravo called Plitt's death "a terrible tragedy."Joe Donnelly is a close friend, he spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.Moret asked, "What do you want to say to folks who suggest that Greg was a daredevil or reckless? This is a freak accident, a once in a lifetime thing that happened. He was also known for doing his workouts at a railroad site in Burbank, California, to avoid paying for a gym.He often filmed workout videos there using the rails to do pushups.He seemed invincible to cigarettes, alcohol, war, the wrath of ex-girlfriends… Greg’s mortality is a reminder that even the fittest don’t always survive, and that we all need to appreciate the people we love because they can disappear permanently.And they often do when we’re least prepared for it.In one video, he had prophetic words, “Being in a situation like this, your endorphins are going to start pumping, not for the fear of getting run over by a train or something like that.You don't want to be stupid.” Plitt was walking along the tracks in a restricted area with two friends. One witness saw him stumble over the tracks and moments later, he was mowed down by a train.

He had an armoire in his room that looked like something crafted in the Victorian era. He had good looks and great genetics, but he wasn’t content to rely on them.After three seasons of the show, it came back for one season with him as its star and without Jackie Warner.The first person from the Bravo series to die was Doug Blasdell, who died in 2007 at Desperate Housewives creator Mark Cherry’s house.It shows Plitt setting a timer and then performing push-ups on the tracks.He is also shown lifting a weighted barbell while standing on train tracks in what appears to be Burbank.

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