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Who is ryan from teen mom dating

Over at Ryan’s house, we learn that he is now an invalid that can no longer dress himself and that Mackenzie, whose desire to be on TV has propelled her to new and exciting lows, has assumed all responsibility for his care.She asks him whether he needs underwear and he’s like “I need everything” and Mackenzie is like “yes, more camera time for me!

Maci, though, says that Bentley’s going to have the best 8th birthday party ever (as long as Ryan remembers to show up) and we are treated to a minute-long montage of all of Bentley’s previous birthdays, which is cute but that’s more time that could have been spent on airing footage of Farrah screaming as a mini-horse tried to eat her, so I’m torn.

Kristina tries to tell Gary to do his best not to hold a grudge against Amber — something that he claims he’s never done — for Leah’s sake but Gary ain’t listening. The hay ride goes well and when Amber returns Leah to The Shirleys’ house, Gary asks if she’d like to have Leah’s birthday together (even though he wants to do Mexican and Matt hates Mexican).

“We’re both mature,” Gary says, and if you zoom in real close you can actually see Kristina’s internal scream to “ROLL ALL PAST SEASONS” to prove him wrong. This is a great scene because the struggle is so real.

Chelsea is slated to have her MTV special about her relationship with Cole air in a few days and boy, does it look BORING!!!

A teaser video has already dropped with Chelsea and Cole returning to the gas station, yes, the very one, where they first met.

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Maci, who we’ve come to love and respect as the most saintly of teen moms, starts out by praising how great Mackenzie is and then quickly decides that it’s way too hot outside and that she needs to turn up the shade until it’s nice and arctic. Maci doesn’t actually come out and say it just like that, but in the midst of her discussion with Keelie (who might have a thing for Ryan? ), Amber has decided that she and Gary are going to have to spend more time together for Leah.

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